Friday, 8 August 2014

My Craziest Project to Date

I mentioned way back in my first post that I would show what I've done so far on my most ambitious doll project. Basically, I'm blushing a full mini BJD (43cm tall or so) a cool brown using pastels, and reshaping the breasts to be flatter on top, fuller on the bottom and overall smaller. The doll I'm using is a Bobobie Pixie in normal skin.

This doll was originally another character, who also has a very dramatic look, but since I'm reshelling her, I created a new character for the Pixie. Here's a picture of the previous character, on different company's body:

 After deciding to create a new character from scratch for the Bobobie Pixie, now known as Nagisa the Ice Sprite, I did a mock-up of her new look. Note the blackened nose tip and ears points. Nagisa is a creature of winter and has harp seal pup markings, including dots for eyebrows.

And here's what Nagisa looks like right now!

Now I am going to redo the faceup, since I'm not happy with how the paint looks. Usually I use pastels almost exclusively, to have a softer, more natural look. I may omit the eyeshadow entirely and do the eyelashes in white. I was very much experimenting, especially since I was painting 8 other faceups at the same time.

The pastel coat did the job. It only took two or three layers of pastel to get the right shade. Boy, did it make a difference

The headcap on the right shows the base resin colour