Sunday, 3 August 2014

Disappointment and Inspiration

The Disney Fairies, as much as I've come to love them, were not the fashion dolls that I was planning on buying to break into fashion dolls. No, the doll I planned to get when I walked into Toys R Us that day was the TRU exclusive Winx Bloom with Scooter. Well after I couldn't find her in stores, which wasn't a surprise as she was on clearance for roughly 50% off, I ordered her from I also bought the Barbie Life In the Dreamhouse vanity playset so I qualified for free shipping.

I've been putting off writing about this doll since I got her because, well, she's not what I was expecting. I've very glad that I ended up getting my two Disney girls, because they are so much nicer than the Winx girl, even though the two products were both made by Jakks Pacific.

Bloom in 90s Barbie top, Oz the Great and Powerful hat, stock leggings and shoes

Let's talk about the good points first. Her outfit is well made and the scooter is fabulous. The box art is very nice and I've been able to use it as an outdoor street scene for display. The body is accurate to the animations style of the show. For those that don't know, the girls in Winx have extremely long legs, thin limbs and very narrow waists. The doll's build mimics this, though the breasts and upper torso are such that, when clothed, Bloom looks almost flat-chested.

Front view

There are some serious flaws that soured this girl for me. One of the big reasons I decided to get her was that she is articulated. However, while the jointing of the legs and knees is great, the jointing of the upper body is lacking. She can barely use the elbow joints and her head can only turn from side to side, not up and down. Her hands are large, which can cause difficulties in getting her dressed, but the wrist movement is smooth at least.

Side view

Her face looks odd and has a flat profile. Plus the eyes aren't raised, which only adds to the flat look of her. Her hair is coarse and tangles if you look at it wrong. Her two long strands of hair by her face were gelled into solid strips. The head itself is rock hard.

Like the title of this entry says, I have been inspired. I have been inspired to turn this lack-luster disappointment into something that is wholly mine.

Concept sketch and original doll
So the idea is turn her into a fire-and-ashes creature, with grey skin, three yellow half circle eyes, thicker eyebrows and shorter hair. I've got a lot of work ahead of me but hey, might as well jump right in, eh?

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