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Review: Disney Fairies Periwinkle and Rosetta Part 2

Time for part 2 of my first review! This go around I'm focussing on Pirate Fairy Periwinkle. I apologise that a number of the photos are dark and/or grainy. I'm still learning where the best spots are for light in the house and such.

Synopsis of the movie Pirate Fairy that this doll ties into

Now just for fun, to see how the Canadian release differs from the American release, I visited the official Jakks Pacific website. While the dolls appear to be identical on both sides of the border, the box art isn't. The Canadian version has Tinkerbell on every box, whereas the US box has an image of the fairy that the doll represents.
Pictures from the Jakks Pacific site (US Version)
Canadian Verison
The box art isn't the only strange thing about this doll. Take a look at the dolls pictured on the back of the box.

Wait a moment...

The Periwinkle on the back has a different face than the actual doll! Her belt is also a darker blue. It's the face that shocked me though, since both the US and Canadian dolls have forward-facing eyes and large smiles. The doll on the back however has side-glancing eyes and a small closed mouth.

The basic versions of the Fairies do have different molds than the Deluxe fashion doll versions, so maybe those are the pre-production models for the line? It's disappointing though, since it would appear that each doll was originally going to have a unique face mold.

Pirate Fairy Periwinkle next to Celebrate Pixie Party Rosetta
Instead, Periwinkle uses the same face sculpt as Rosetta, though the facepaint is different. She has arched, thin, brown eyebrows, pale lilac eyeshadow and light pink lipstick.

The body is the same as Rosetta's, with her leaf-print underwear painted pale blue instead of magenta. Neither of Periwinkle's knee joints are loose, but I suspect that the tightness of the joints isn't something that is easily generalised. One of Periwinkle's elbow joints is slightly looser than the other, it doesn't affect her posing at all.

Periwinkle has an interesting hairstyle, an updo that pulls into a point with centre-parted bangs. It's hard with gel so that it keeps its shape. While the hair is gelled so heavily that it's almost solid, the head itself stills squishes under pressure, unlike Rosetta.

Side view

Side view
The back
I'm curious about the rooting pattern and I'm seriously thinking of letting her hair down. My guess is that there is a huge bald spot in the middle of the back of the head though. So that might be not a wise decision, if I go through with it.

Now on to the fashion! Like the previous Fairy I reviewed, Periwinkle comes with a jacket, wings (which attach to the jacket), a dress, a belt and shoes, or boots in this case. The full contents of the box are listed underneath the photos of various dolls on the back of the box.

The outfit

Perwinkle's colour is blue and boy is there a lot of blue in this outfit. Other than the white underskirt of the dress and the gold accents of the jacket and belt, everything is blue. The same shade of blue to boot! The pre-production version aka the version on the back of the box at least had more variety in shades of blue.

Open belt and side view of the boots
The boots and belt are made of a flexible plastic and are nicely detailed. Once again, the finished product differs significantly from the photos on the back of the box. Seriously, if they changed the doll that much, why didn't they change the picture on the back? I never would've known about the modifications if they hadn't left the original version on the back. The boots are different mold than the ones pre-production Periwinkle wears. Instead of being a unique mold, they look to be Zarina's boots in blue instead of brown. They are knee-high, with creases and knives (maybe?) on the calves.

There is a long slit down the back of each boot, which makes them easy to put on the doll. The slits stay reasonably closed during use. The back of the boot, much like the sides, have some interesting details such as a large buckle.

Periwinkle's belt is one piece, with two crossed bands with molded stitches, and a golden snowflake in the centre. Periwinkle is a Frost Fairy, which explains the snowflake, her hair and the abundance of blue and white in all her outfits.

The dress on its own
The dress has three layers. There is a long, white lower layer, that is cut jaggedly, a middle layer of pale, sparkly blue tulle and a short, shiny blue top layer. Only the top layer has finished edges, though the material of bottom and middle layers shouldn't fray. The bodice of the dress is a slightly darker blue than the top layer, with a stripe of white and a ruffled edge. The dress has thick clear straps, so there's no chance of Periwinkle flashing anyone by accident. The dress pulls up on one side, most likely due to how the back seam was sewn.

Oddly enough, the entire back seam, which connects the three layers together, was sewn in blue thread. This thread is visible on the white bottom layer, even when the dress is on the doll.

Back of the dress
The velcro closes very nicely on its own, but when its on the doll, a strange issue becomes apparent. That's right, the velcro doesn't fully close if it's on a doll. Not just any doll, the doll it was specifically made for. Periwinkle thankfully doesn't have long hair that could get stuck on it, but velcro and doll hair do not get along.

The jacket made of a soft, velvet-like blue fabric, with gold trim. It has a upturned collar and cuffs. Unfortunately, I've had no luck putting it back on Periwinkle since I removed it to redress her. Whoopsie! The wings attach via velcro, with the hook side being on the wings and the soft side being on the back of the jacket.

Periwinkle's wings on the left, Rosetta's wings on the right
The wings themselves are fairly similar to Rosetta's wings. Periwinkle's have a less busy design and are have a more understated patten when they catch the light. The two wings are the same shape.

Well, that's all I have to say for this review! I hope it was informative!

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