Tuesday, 15 July 2014

One Review Coming Right On Up!

So I've really wanting to get a fashion doll from a toy store for a number of months now. I was eyeing some Monster High and Barbie dolls that were on sale at the grocery store by my work, but nothing I saw was what I wanted to shell out 15$ on. I struck out at the thrift stores earlier in the week but today, I got what I was looking for! I'm glad I hadn't bid on any of the Liccas, PJs or Francies I was looking at on eBay after all.

I got these two smiling girls from Toys R Us for 30% off. They're highly articulated, so I can't wait to start playing with the jointing. I'll have a review of them up in a few days.

My boyfriend, who was with me when I bought them, has nicknamed them The Devil Dolls XD


  1. Hmm. Interesting that these dolls are different from the Disney fairies dolls produced in the past. I don't think these represent the characters in the animated movies as well. I'm guessing these weren't made by Mattel, since I don't see the logo anywhere. I might be missing it.

    Welcome to blogging!

    1. You're right, these two aren't Mattel. They're made by Jakks Pacific, who also made Winx dolls. I also think they don't represent the animated characters very well. It's in the eyes. The animated Disney fairies actually have small eyes whereas these dolls have large eyes that remind me of the Jakks Pacific Winx girls.

      Thank you!