Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Photos of a handful of my crew

Hiya everybody, Nella here with some photos instead of text this time!

Two of my figmas

Lily, Souldoll Lily C (43cm) with default faceup, holding Figma Sayaka Miki (school version)

Alwyn, a Souldoll Tiffee Girl (41cm) with faceup by me
A group shot of Little Chaos, a Fallindoll Force (25cm) with faceup by me, Horu, a Ninodoll Woo.U on a Luts Kid Delf body (44cm) and Noah, a Doll Family-H An Ping (62cm) with faceup by me
Cassie, a Slinky Neko Hodoo on Luts Kid Delf body with faceup by me, with two Nendoroids
Benjy, a Mirodoll Head 08 on a Doll Family-H 62cm body (version 2), with faceup by me
Lottie, a Cherish Doll Slim Pia with faceup by me, (21cm and fits Blythe shoes and clothing)

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